Our Latest Project - 250 Years of Exmouth FIRSTS

For our 2019 project we are producing a book looking into the lives of 23 characters who were either born, lived or died in Exmouth, or who were educated in the town over the past 250 years.   
The common feature linking them all is that they were the FIRST person to have achieved something specific.

The people chosen vary from:

 Ann Perriam (1769 - 1865) who features in the 
 FIRST and only picture in existence of a woman known
 to have worked as a powder monkey aboard ship during
 the Napoleonic Wars.

Ada Lovelace (1815 - 1852) 
who is internationally recognised as the 
FIRST Computer Programmer.

Codrington Carrington 
(1769 - 1849) 
who was the FIRST Chief Justice of Ceylon.

Edith Helen Pratt (1882 - 1959) 
who was the recipient of Exmouth's FIRST OBE

Sculptress Elisabeth Frink (1930 - 1993) 
the FIRST Exmothian to feature on EUROPA Stamp.

Douglas Edwardes-Ker (1886 - 1979) 
the FIRST Principal of Seale Hayne College.

Nikki Thomas
(born 1979) 
who is the 
FIRST woman to command a fast jet squadron.

and Spike Seymour (born 2012) 
the FIRST 4 year old to hold his own Art Exhibition.

Much of the Book is dedicated to 
Georgina Pellew (1885 - 1930) 
who is a descendant of the 
FIRST Viscount Exmouth.

Research work continues, but it is planned that "250 Years of Exmouth's FIRSTS" will be launched in Exmouth during August 2019.  Full details will be found on these pages soon, or in the local press.